"Lauren helped us navigate our first birth completely unmedicated at a birth center. We were very comfortable with her and grateful to have her support before, during, and after the birth.

From the start, she was straightforward, communicative, and professional. Lauren did a wonderful job in helping us talk through expectations and fears beforehand, enabling us to work better as a team and be mentally prepared for labor. She also provided great resources and "homework" for achieving the labor we desired.

During labor, Lauren adapted to what we needed and remained a calm, reassuring presence throughout. When we discovered after delivery that I had a 3rd degree tear that needed to be repaired at the hospital, Lauren helped relay the information to my parents and enabled us to decide how to move forward with who would go with me and who would stay at the center with the baby. She even took pictures after delivery and captured some sweet moments!

Talking through the birth experience afterwards with Lauren helped us process and accept the entire experience. Having Lauren serve as our doula was a great decision, positively impacting my labor and our perceptions of the birth of our daughter. We would definitely recommend her!"

- Abby R. 1/16/2018


"I'm a Doula myself and I was a little nervous going into it and worried, since I knew what labor and delivery was like, I would freak myself out. Lauren was so amazing and supportive, whether it was taking pictures, keeping me hydrated or giving me words of encouragement she was there and she was a constant before, during, and after my labor and delivery. She made sure I felt comfortable and she genuinely cared for myself and my family. I couldn't have been happier with having her there and I'm so thankful she was!

I'm So blessed to get to continue to do life with her. I couldn't recommend her more, there is no one else I would have rather had to help coach me while I birthed our sweet girl."

- Kristi L. 2/4/2018


"Lauren was/is the best doula I could have ever wished for! Prior to meeting her I didn't really know much about what a doula is and exactly what they do but after my experience with lauren, I can't imagine another birth without one! She was amazing to say the least and was ON TOP OF THINGS from the moment my husband pulled up in front of the birth center till even now, making sure I know I can go to her for any and everything regarding postpartum healing/questions/company!

Her presence is so relaxing yet empowering at the same time, she knows when to give you a needed motivational push and when to help you relax and ignore the pain through a shoulder/scalp massage... but I must say, her hydration techniques are AWESOME! Haha... She kept me hydrated with water, Gatorade, even coconut water she bought prior to the labor.

I love how easy going she is, makes it so wasy to talk and open up to her about personal things that may effect postpartum healing both emotionally/mentally and physically. Lauren is by far someone who has a strong passion for what they do and a big heart and I would definitely recommend her to any mother to be searching for a doula!!!"

- Chaimma E. 7/29/2018