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Hi, I'm Lauren.

I was raised in Northern Virginia, studied in Florida, and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Theology. This is where I met my husband, who was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. After a long distance engagement, I moved my life to South Africa and was married.

During my time overseas I learned how to be a part of a community, how to be both supportive and supported. Just four years later, I gave birth to my first son, Sterling, with my husband and doula by my side. This was a monumental moment in my life, where I learned just how powerful I truly am, and how my body is beautifully made. It also birthed in me the woman that I am today, that is, powerful, adaptive, beautiful and fearless. As I began feeling empowered as a women and mother, I soon developed deep passions to see other women channeling their truest form of themselves, in and during labor. It's through birth that expelled my biggest fears and brought to light who I am and what I was always made to do: support women in their pilgrimage into motherhood.


I have much love and respect for women of all cultures, ethnicities and religions. I understand that the birth of your child(ren) is a sacred moment in your life. Your experience matters. The people who surround and support you throughout labor are hand picked. As your doula, I feel honored to be invited into your birth space. I offer you an open heart to receive and empower your desired birth. My hands embrace, care for, and tend to you with compassion. I will be your constant companion.


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I absolutely love the city of Charlotte and the doulas that I serve alongside. I often say, "We are better together," feeling that a collaborative effort takes you further and keeps you stronger. My backup doulas are insanely talented and passionate individuals. When working together, we are called 'The Dream Team.'